Yinka Ayenuwa

Yinka Ayenuwa is a Nigerian weightlifter. who competes in the men’s 69 kg class and is captain of the Nigerian weightlifting team. Yinka started Olympic style weightlifting 16 years ago in Nigeria at only 16 years of age it would be a further 6 years before Yinka took part in his first international competition but it was well worth the wait as Yinka took the weightlifting world by storm in the 8th All Africa Games in Algiers in 2007 when he won both Gold and silver medals. In 2014 at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland Yinka took home a silver medal before going on in 2015 to win 3 silver medals at the African Games in the Republic of congo. He has won numerous other medals at both African and commonwealth levels Recently the highlights have included Gold medals at both the 2016 Anorld sports festival at Columbus Ohio USA and at the 2017 AAU championships at Los Angeles California

Yinka told us that when he was a child he loved anything to do with building strength and along with his friends there would constantly be challenges to lift the local concrete block weights that were available and that that was how he developed an interest in Olympic style weightlifting

Yinka has a big heart and has proven time and time again that sometimes you just have to rely on your faith and determination to succeed. He’s overcome a few obstacles to get where he is today none more so than when Leading into the african games in 2015 just when the squad should have expected and needed the most support, their daily allowance was cut. Most athletes would have been completely demoralised and not given their all but Yinka realised that you should never let negative circumstances control your destiny. He was representing his country and was determined not to let anyone down and he certainly didn’t in bringing home 3 silver medals.

Yinka told us when asked about his faith that as a child and even now he always believed that God is always there and that he is good and that his spirit sees all hidden corners in the world and is able to protect his children from all bad things in the world
He also told us that having grown up in a household with what he described as the best parents in the world that were so loving means that it has inspired him to be able to offer love and support to children like you who may not always feel like you have what he had.

Yinka’s next big target is to do well at the next Olympic national camp in order to be selected for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. he has been to many camps before and told us he I will do whatever it takes at the next camp to ensure that his Olympic dream comes true and given his history we certainly believe him.