Tino Best

Tino Best is a Professional cricketer who plays for the West Indies primarily as a right-arm fast bowler known for his aggression and express pace. He also currently plays for Barbados and has played for Yorkshire in the English County Championship and In 2008 Tino signed to play in the Star studded Indian Premier League. One of the highlights of his career came while playing for the West Indies in 2012, when he broke the World record for the highest score by a number 11 batsman, making 95 against England in Birmingham. The 143-run partnership with Denesh Ramdin in the same match was also and still is the third-highest Test stand with one wicket remaining.

Tino is one of the biggest personalities in International and domestic cricket and has not just battled to make it to the top of his sport but has battled through an extremely difficult upbringing. Tino told us that his Father had been addicted to drugs for nearly 30 years and so just wasn’t around and so Tino has never real had any type of real Father or Father figure. That can’t have been easy, while other kids would have all the support they needed and especially when it came to sport and someone cheering them on, that wasn’t the case for Tino. He could have easily have used that as an excuse to go down the wrong path, take the easy way out and not work hard but instead he chose to knuckle down and go after his dreams in every area of life with all he had.

When it came to cricket it wasn’t an easy path that he trod there either, in fact he said “it was tough, really tough. I was constantly told I wouldn’t make it and that I had absolutely n hope of playing cricket at the highest level”. Tino  recalled at one point he was the best Waterboy there was as thats what he spent mot of his time doing, not on the field playing the game he loved but fetching the drinks for all the guys deemed more talented than him. Tino bided his time tough and continued to put in the work and guess what, the day he was given the chance, he simply went out and bowled as fast as he could and never looked back. Thats all he had in his mind he wanted to bowl fast and thats all that mattered at that point and right through his career.

Tino said he always wanted to prove to his Father that he would succeed and that that drove him all his life. There have been times though even as an international cricketer where he would have loved to have had his Father watching in he crowd and to know that he had those opportunities to see him on the International stage but it wasn’t meant to be. He admits that although some aspects of life didn’t always seem fair Cricket on the whole was a positive and kept him for the most part focused and on the straight and narrow. Cricket though didn’t keep Tino out of trouble completely and he admits that he has had many short comings in the past and done things that he wouldn’t dream of doing now that he’s older and his faith in God is getting stronger. He’s still not perfect but he’s a totally different person now and puts much of that down to his Grandmother, Marcia Best, who along with his mother Yvette raised him. It was her that instilled the belief in God in him to start with. He says she always told him when things get difficult “bend your knees and pray to God and he will direct your path”.

Tino went on to achieve things in cricket that most people could only ever dream of. He’s travelled the world, been in the same magazines that he used to read as a boy and been involved and playing on the same teams as the heroes he grew up watching and admiring. How is that even possible? I know its a question that most people would ask when you look at his background. The thing is Tino has always believed in doing the impossible and he realises that he could and possibly might not have not made it without a father and so thats why he especially wanted to share his story with children like you. He wants guys  like you to continue to believe that despite your circumstances, If they didn’t stop him it shouldn’t stop you. Tino had one goal in mind he had a dream of playing for the West Indies and bowling fast. he achieved it because he had faith in God and he believed in himself when no one else would. He now has his own children and his mission is to be the best Father he can be and also now be the best father figure to others as he continues to learn from his mistakes and try to be a better person.

Tino continues to represent at the highest levels in Cricket in the Caribbean but also has ambitions to become a solid commentator and contributor on both Television and radio, as well as likely use his experience to become a Strength and conditioning coach in the future.

Thanks Tino