The Stephan Myburgh Story

Stephan Myburgh is a South African born cricket player who represents the Netherlands and has played in 2 World cups already. In 2014 he was the third highest run scorer in the tournament and scored the second fastest fifty before going on to be selected for the World XI team that year as a result of his incredible performances.

Growing up Stephan’s family didn’t have much money and so while the other kids would go away most of the holidays Stephan’s family would stay home with his parents working extra hours to provide enough. He later realised that that was a blessing in disguise, as with being at home he and his brother would spend hours on end playing cricket instead and developing their skills and eventually progressing through the ranks.

Eventually Stephan would have to leave home and his family not long after his teens in order to chase his dream to become a professional. It would take many years of hard work and sacrifice in a distant cold country in conditions that were alien to him as a South African but through his faith and his commitment he was able to eventually achieve his dream.