The Renold Quinlan Story

2019 Renold is a current Australian professional boxer and the former IBO Super Middleweight Champion of the World. To date the highlight of his career was when he knocked out former world champion Daniel Geale to shock the Boxing world and take the Super Middleweight title which he held from 2016 to 2017. Renold grew up with his Grandmother after at just 18 months he was taken to live with her after his Dad had been sent to prison for a long time and his Mother was unable to look after him properly.

His Grandfather Philip Mosely took him under his wing as a boy and showed him the art of Boxing but getting into trouble as a teen meant him spending time in Boy’s homes and eventually Prison. In the midst of all this, Renold had managed to turn Pro and had begun raising a family but he was consistently threatening to press the self destruct button on his own dreams with his bad choices.

Eventually Renold would ask God for one more chance to turn his life around and Not surprisingly, God didn’t disappoint him.