The Nadine Roos Story

The story of the South African Rugby International who plays for the National side better known as the Springboks. After making her debut in 2016 and being a part of the Hong Kong sevens winning team. Nadine had an amazing year in 2018 playing at the Commonwealth games in Australia followed by the World cup in the U.S.A.

Nadine grew up on a farm for most of her life with her Grandmother. She had little to do with her Father who didn’t come into her life until she was much older and her Mother had abandoned her one day when she was still a very young child. If it had not been for her Grandmother who drove across South Africa to take Nadine into her care she would have ended up in an orphanage.

Nadine carried a lot of hurt and anger because of that abandonment as she got older but Sport gave her an escape from that while her faith and trust in God as a Father eventually gave her a peace in her heart.Her determination, belief and hard work has since taken her to the top of International Rugby and the story and message she has to share with you guys is just another amazing journey that we know will bring you hope and encourage along your own path.