The Mona Pretorius Story

Mona is an international Weightlifter who represents South Africa, a Multi National Champion and Record holder as well as a 6 time World Karate Champion and International Crossfit athlete. Just last year Mona had her greatest achievement to date winning a Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist who represents South Africa.

Growing up as a child and competing in some of the most physically demanding sports there are was tough as child. It required discipline and dedication when there were many times that Mona just wanted to be like the other children and have fun. At those times her Father would remind her that her gift was from God and that there was a bigger picture.

Even when her Grandmother died and her parents divorced Mona always had that in mind and kept her faith in God and herself and kept training hard. Throughout her career as an athlete she had many ups and downs and it would take her 19 years to reach one of her biggest dreams and become a medalist at the Commonwealth games.

Mona’s journey is simply a story of someone that despite the obstacles, never gave up on their dreams and we hope her story will inspire many of you to do the same.