The Mission and Vision

The Mission

The immediate aim is to create a Family. The Bible say’s that God sets the lonely in families, making it clear, that everyone  is to provide for the Fatherless. With 210 million orphans on the planet, our mission is to create a family of Athletes and others of influence and members of society who believe that God created  every child with a purpose and has given the whole of society instructions to care for them. We want  every person who chooses to be involved,  to have an opportunity to play their part in bringing hope, protection and love to each and every child that needs it.

The Vision

To see every child connected to great Role models and a family through the movement and the local Church who can demonstrate the love of God practically, emotionally and spiritually in each life. Providing love, care and protection to the best of our human ability to bring healing from emotional hurt, strength and hope to all who need it.

Ultimately to see millions of Orphans and fatherless children come to know that God is a loving and good Father and that he created and loves all children but especially looks to take care of them, a God who can heal any past pain that may have been caused by people and circumstances, a God who wants to transform every life for the better and with our help re-write a new story.