The Mikel Thomas Story

Mikel Thomas is an International Hurdler who represents Trinidad and Tobago in the 110m Hurdles. A 3 time Olympian and a 7x National champion and National record holder. Mikel is also Full time Firefighter as well as being an International  athlete.

Mikel grew up on the island of Trinidad with his elder Sister and his Grandmother, with his Grandfather also playing an important role in his life as a Father figure. His Mother had left the island when he was young to go to the US in search of a better future for the family. As a child Mikel didn’t understand the absence of his parents and as a result began to search for his identity through Sports, the Sciences and Academics.

At the age of seven he left the island to go live in Brooklyn with his Mother. It was an extremely rough neighbourhood that he would spend most of his youth in, where there were a lot of bad things that could have pulled him down the wrong path and ultimately destroyed him and although many of his peers in the area went down that path, Mikel chose another way.