The Kristen Hurley Story

Kristen Hurley is a Skeleton athlete from the USA. She is also a former Collegiate level Heptathlete and Pentathlete, Kirsten was selected to represent the United States and made her International debut in 2017, within a year she had achieved her first victory in international competition- winning the Lake Placid North America Cup race just this past January 2018.

Track and field athlete Kristen Hurley switched to being a Bobsled athlete she then decided she wanted to take full control of her own destiny as an individual athlete and so made the switch to Skeleton and ended up representing the U.S.A. Kristen had her first race win on the North American circuit at Lake Placid New York last year but up until that point she’d had injuries, setbacks and as doubts started to creep in about her ability, she even started to question God about the plans he had for her but soon realised that she was exactly where she needed to be and doing exactly what she was created to do.