The Joel Walsh Story

Joel is an amazing athlete who competes at World level in both Taekwondo and Kickboxing, representing Great Britain and Wales. He’s a Multiple British and Welsh title holder across both sports, having won the Welsh Kickboxing title an absolutely incredible 10 times.

Growing up with 4 other siblings with a single Mother and his Father not around at all, he was brought up in a pretty tough Neighbourhood. Partly because of that, Joel’s Mother decided that taking him to the local Kickboxing club, where he could learn to take care of himself might be a good idea. From that first day there Joel loved everything about it and from that point forward never really looked back.

Like any young kid, Joel faced a number of challenges growing up and things could have so easily gone wrong for him and although there was a point as a teenager where things did go bad, Joel would eventually make a choice to turn things around and ultimately become a champion.