The Emmanuel Mbende Story

A Professional footballer from Cameroon he represented Cameroon as an U20 International after having had begun his football career at Borussia Dortmund in Germany who at the time were managed by current Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp before moving on to play in England, Germany and now Holland.

Brought up for the most part without his Father up until the age of 10, he was raised by his Mother and Grandparents. Inspired by seeing Patrick Mboma score a goal for Cameroon v France when Emmanuel was just 5 years old, he knew from that point on he wanted to be a footballer. He moved to Germany at age 10 and although he struggled with the language and change in culture, as well as being away from his Grandparents for the first time, he continued to chase his goals. There would be many challenges and obstacles along the way but in the end his faith and belief would give him the strength he needed to eventually reach his dream and like his hero Patrick go on to represent Cameroon.