Steve Smith

Stevie “Smudge” Smith a is Former British bobsleigh athlete and is a member of the Parachute regiment, widely regarded by many as the elite regiment in the armed forces He is a Sergeant and has served for 24 years while also competing for Great Britain and Coaching the Army Championships Bobsled team to numerous victories right up until last year. The highlight of his career came during the 2007 – 2008 season when he finished 5th in the World Championships and 4th in the World cup. He now coaches other Professional athletes, one of whom Nick Gleeson is currently competing at the Winter Olympics in South Korea

Steve told us he was one of 11 children who were split up and put into care at an early age. He himself was fostered at 6 weeks old along with one of his sisters. Fortunately as a child growing up, he always saw his Foster parents and siblings as a great example of a loving care family. Growing up in such a positive environment helped Steve to take his gifts and fly with them as a result he felt he was always able to contribute to whatever team he was in whether through sport, the army or both and always feel valued. As a result throughout his life he’s always aimed to do the extraordinary. Almost every target he has ever set himself he achieved, including the numerous victories and achievements highlighted above.

When we asked him about his faith he told us that he had gone to church when he was younger but it was something he had drifted away from as he had gotten older but it was while serving in the army that the importance of his faith in God really came alive. At times Steve was faced with some of the scariest situations anyone could ever face, while serving none more so than   when he was on operations in Afghanistan. it is hard for Steve to imagine where he would have been without his faith and he knows that it was that that saw him through and for him this meant that he never felt alone, even when there was no one else around..

Steve told us that since he now has a wife and daughter he is able to see the bigger picture and realise that what he went through as a child and then in the army was what made him the person he is today.  He is determine now that in making the sacrifices that he has that he gets  the opportunity to create the same positive environment for them that he grew up in and if possible he’d love the opportunity to do the same for many of you guys who might be in a similar situation that he was as a child not with your birth family and at times wondering if God really loves you and has a purpose for your life but in the end realising that he does and more than you could ever know .

We’re really grateful to Steve for sharing his story and message and we’re definitely looking forward as I hope you guys are to possibly hearing hearing more from him in the future.

Thanks Steve