Stephan Myburgh

Stephan Myburgh is a South African born cricket player who represents the Netherlands and is primarily a left hand Batsman. He made his One day International (ODI) debut in 2011 against Kenya and his Twenty20 International (T20i) against Canada in 2012. He has played in 2 World cups and in 2014 was the third highest run scorer in the tournament behind India’s Virat Kohli, scoring 3 fifties in theĀ tournament and more boundaries than any other player as well as equalling the record of the second fastest fifty in T20i’s. In Domestic professional cricket Stephan made his first class debut in 2006 for Northern province and played with them till switching to Natal in 2011.

Growing up Stephan told us that as a family they didn’t have much money and so as a child he saw not having the same opportunities as other children to be a real disadvantage, especially when it came to the holidays and all his friends would go away, while Stephan’s family had no choice but to stay at home. Stephan told us he later realised that was a blessing in disguise, as being at home he and his brother would spend hours on end playing cricket and in that he fell in love with the game. Stephan was adamant that it was that constant practice and sacrifice through those hard times, that made him the player he is today, telling us, “It made me learn more than I ever expected and as a result I was spotted at a very young age. When I was 7, I had already played with the U11 team and when I was 10, I’d made my first century for my province” Stephan remembered how remarkable that achievement was, in that it just wasn’t something that a 10 year old normally did at that level, he recalled that it was at that point that his parents started to believe that he had something really special and from there he went on to play for his province in every age group from U11 until U19 and eventually for the Netherlands.

When talking about his faith, Stephan told us he was brought up in a Christian home, where faith in God was always important but it was at age 18, that something happened that really cemented his trust in God. He said “I had just found out I hadn’t made the South African U19 team, this was a real low for me, as my brother played for the U19’s for 4 years, the only player to ever do so in South Africa and there I was, not achieving it even once.” It was at that point Stephan found a book with a prayer in it called the Jabez prayer, which he began to pray each day. From that point on he knew that God was always with him and soon after Stephan got baptized and decided to study the Bible and God (Theology) as an academic endeavour. He still dreamed of becoming the best cricketer he could be and so worked extremely hard at both his study and training, using his passion for the two to ultimately be successful in each field.

Stephan’s closing message to you guys, was a really personal and passionate one, that reflected his own journey. He said, “I want you to know that sometimes it’s at your lowest that God opens doors for you. We always have to remember our timing and God’s timing are not always the same but He doesn’t put dreams in your heart for no reason! God loves you and wants you to achieve your dreams and I’ve learnt that as long as He is number one, He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Stephan’s main focus now, is to continue training hard in preparation for the World cup qualifiers that will start next year, with the T20 World cup due to take place in 2020 in Australia. Well we may not have been around for the fireworks in 2014 but this time we’ll be able to make sure that if there’s a repeat then we’ll be watching