Stacey Skeete

Stacey Skeete is a Singer/Song writer and Speaker from the UK and a graduate of the World famous Brit School in London. She was a contestant on the Voice UK and will be remembered for an amazing performance that forced both Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson to turn their chairs in the penultimate blind audition round, Stacey eventually making the decision to work with Jennifer, the American Superstar,Actress and Singer and Co – star of Beyonce in the hit movie Dream girls.

At Fight for the Fatherless we all know Stacey has an awesome voice, we also know that to be great at anything takes years and years of dedication and practice, so we figured she must have been performing from at least the age of maybe nine or ten. Well guess what Stacey’s been performing in front of live audiences from the age of 3. So ok it wasn’t quite on the Voice at that point in front of millions. It was in fact in the back garden and even though Stacey’s Mum described it as Stacey making noise that noise was so good that the neighbours would regularly come round asking for requests. She wrote her first song at 13 and always remembers that both her parents were always so supportive.

When we spoke to Stacey she said that was happy to do anything to support you guys and we’re so grateful that she has decided to get involved and give that same support to you within our little family as she received when she was younger.
We absolutely echo her belief that God thinks you’re amazing and that that thought is so much more important to know than all the bad things that people can say about you in life. We know that advice comes right from her heart and we’re guessing from her own experiences and maybe we’ll hear more about that in the future. Currently Stacey is working hard towards becoming an International Recording Artist and also works with women and children who have all faced some really difficult challenges in their lives. So just to close, we wish her all the best for the future and hope you guys will be supporting and cheering her on all the way.