Solomon Haumono

Solomon Haumono is a Professional Heavyweight Boxer as well as a former Professional Rugby League player who was born in New Zealand before becoming an Australian. After coming out of retirement from Boxing His last fight was in 2017 and he is now scheduled to fight in just 10 days time on February 10th for the Commonwealth Heavyweight Title. In 2016 Solomon lost to Joseph Parker who is now the No1 challenger to Anthony Joshua for the World Title and that fight takes place in March of this year. As a Rugby player Solomon played in England in the Super league but spent most of his time playing in the Australian NRL and has played for both Australia and Tonga, captaining the latter and in doing so following in the footsteps of his Grandfather who had previously captained the Tongan Rugby Union team and to this day this remains one of the achievements that Solomon is most proudest of.

We often assume that professional athletes never make mistakes or do things wrong but athletes are not Superhuman and just like any of you they are capable of getting things wrong and needing help just like anyone else. Although Solomon was playing the game he loved he admits he wasn’t happy at times and as a young man with all the hype and attention and being in a position where he had the freedom to do a lot of things that others might not, he unfortunately chose to do things and take things into his body that he knows  were harmful to himself and certainly not helpful in the pursuit of his goal to be the best in his chosen sport.

Solomon freely admitted that he made a lot of mistakes and his life was quickly beginning to spiral out of control and if it wasn’t for his faith he could have gone way beyond anything that could have brought him back fro the road he was taking towards self destruction is far. Eventually though it was that faith i God that did save him. Solomon felt like God was giving him one last chance to turn his life around and that he had to take it and so he chose to do so giving his all to making the right choices and getting his life back on track both in sport and in general as he gave 100% towards his boxing career.

He now trusts in God to help him in all that he does and as well as Boxing he now works with his wife and is using his past experiences to educate and encourage youngsters and other Professional players to live healthier lives and stay away from things that cause them harm. Thats the main reason why he wants to be involved and be an inspiration to everyone through the Fight for the Fatherless, he wants others to learn from his mistakes. The one message we loved more than any other was that Solomon said. “You must not question or doubt what you already know about yourself. The world will try to change you and who God created you to be but they can’t.”

We wish Solomon all the best in challenging for the Commonwealth Title in a few days time and we’ll keep you updated on the page, as well as look to catch up with him as soon as he’s had a chance to recover.