Sigi Burger

Sigi Burger is an International Netball player from South Africa. She plays as a Goal shooter and has represented South Africa at both U21 and Senior level and recently competed in her first Commonwealth Games in Australia last month. She made her International debut v Wales in 2016 as the youngest player in the team.In the same year, she won Shooter of the tournament in South Africa’s equivalent of the Super League, while also in 2016 she was part of the team that won the World University Netball Championships with South Africa. Domestically, Sigi has just signed for Surrey Storm for 2018 and will play in the English Super league, one of the strongest International leagues in the world.

Sigi told us that she came from a very sporting family. Her Mum played Netball and was one of the top ten players in South Africa and her Father ran the 800m Nationally and with her Cousin and Uncle both playing Rugby for South Africa, Sigi was brought up in the perfect environment to run with her God given talents. Being a bundle of energy, even at 4 years old, she recalled that one of the highlights of her school days, was often when her Mother used to take her out of Pre – school class to go train with the older girls in the Under 7’s. Sigi played a lot of sports at the highest levels, even winning her class in Latin dance at the World Championships at the age of ten. So for Sigi to continue improving at Netball, while involved in so many other activities, as well as taking her studies seriously right through school and then University, took an immense amount of hard work and discipline with some days, Sigi working for 16hrs straight all focused on helping her achieve her goals.

As a child, she faced various challenges, one being, that she found that she grew so much taller than the other girls her age and because she literally stood out from the crowd, she was bullied and made fun of. As a child and certainly as a teenager, Sigi could have allowed that to crush her spirit but instead she told us that she made a choice to just be comfortable in her own skin and laugh the taunts off. Her faith in the midst of that was always important and it was through that that she found strength, knowing that she was never alone. She said in knowing that God was always with her that she would always pray and be thankful and that this was something she began to also do before every game and still does to this day. Sigi said she’ll do that either with the rest of the team or alone often reading her bible for inspiration, never really praying for just victory but that she could represent God well through every decision she makes and everything she does both on and off court.

It turned out that she would have the very last laugh in the end. when the characteristic that could have been seen as a negative turned out to be a blessing as she developed into an International star. Now as one of the tallest Netball players around, she is known for her ability to intimidate and dominate opponents with her height and aggression and it just goes to show that we are all created unique and different for a reason.

When we asked Sigi if she had a message she believed would really help you guys she said “I want you to know you are never alone God is always with you and will guide you. Never give in, always fight, train hard and if you work as hard as you can, you’ll get out what you put in. Work hard in silence and let success be your voice.”

Sigi is now hoping for a successful debut season with Surrey Storm and then will be working to make the South African squad for the World cup being held in England in 2019, after that she has ambitions to play in the Super league in Australia and New Zealand. Sigi is only very young and just getting started and so has a really bright career ahead of her, which I’m sure you’re all looking forward to following as much as we are to see what she can achieve.