Serge Michel

Serge Michel is a Professional boxer from Germany who fights at Light heavyweight. Born in Russia He is a German Champion as well as an Olympian having competed in Rio at the 2016 Olympics. As a Professional, Serge, also known as ‘The Bavarian Sniper’, is undefeated in his 5 fights since making his Pro debut in 2017, 4 of those victories coming by way of knockout.
As an amateur he was the German Champion as well as previously being the South German and Bavarian Champion before fulfilling his lifelong dream of competing at the Olympics before then making the decision to turn Pro.

It’s difficult to know where to start with Serge’s journey to becoming a champion It certainly had numerous challenges. His Father brought the family to Germany from Russia when he was just 6 years old. Serge told us in Russia the culture was that the physically strong often take advantage of the weak. Serge’s father knew that if he was to be able to protect the ones he loved then he would have to quite literally fight for them, there was no other choice, this put his father in a position where he had to leave the country they all loved for the good of his family. Serge told us that if they hadn’t moved “My Father would sooner or later have been sent to prison or killed.”

When Serge arrived in Germany he found it extremely difficult s an outsider and just didn’t quite fit in. a a result he rebelled in school and was creating all sorts of problems for the people charged with providing him with an education. By the time he got to age 15, he was kicked out without any qualifications and from that point things looked extremely bleak. Not being in school and a combination of boredom and a cool guy attitude, meant that despite training and boxing and being coached by his Father in the Gym run by him, Serge still ended up involved in lots of small crimes. sometimes as a young person you can think you are invincible and that you’ll never get in real trouble but even though many of the crimes he did were small and not that significant, they eventually added up and resulted in him being sent to youth prison. Serge would then have to return to prison on two more occasions after getting into further trouble as he got a little older..

The lowest point came when Serge now a father himself and in Prison for the second time, after having had many conversations with God, made a commitment to change. He trained in his cell with a set up he’d built himself and on release and within 5 months, he won the Bavarian Championship. Unfortunately he still had to face a trial after a previous fight with a fellow prisoner during his time in prison, which meant although a changed man, he was still forced to return. Upon release, Serge continued that commitment to God and trained hard as boxer who now had 2 sons. He also returned to school aged 23 and gained the qualifications he had left without at 15. From there Serge went on to achieve every success he has in Boxing so far.

Serge was thankful that he had a faith in God. Serge knew that even with being in prison he could be forgiven for the things he’d done wrong and felt that God had given him a second chance in life not just in Boxing but with his family. His Relationships with God, his Wife, who has always stood by him and worked just as hard to build the life they have now and his 3 children, are the most important things to him, as is his whole family with him still being trained by his Father and often sparring with his brother.

Serge wanted you guys to learn from his journey, Perhaps if given the opportunity to go back in time he would have done things a lot differently but he knows he can’t do that but what he can do is pass on his experiences to others. He wanted you guys to realise that no one should grow up with the attitude that you’re too cool to get an education and instead to realise that that is potentially the key to actually doing all the cool things you dream of achieving. Most importantly though, he wanted you to know and¬† believe that ‘With God, Nothing is impossible.’ He said he could never have dreamed he would make the Olympics, when he first started out in boxing but over time he’s realise that you just have to take things step by step and each and every day give life and your dreams everything you’ve got.

Serge’s next fight is on June the 16th 2018 so we’ll watch out for that one. His ultimate ambition is to become a World Champion and If he has that same belief and faith that has carried him to where he is now, we don’t doubt he will achieve that dream as well.

Thanks Serge.