Sean Safo

Sean Safo – Antwi is a British born Ghanaian sprinter. He represented Ghana at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and also competed at the world indoor championships for Ghana in 2018 . Earlier in his career, Sean represented Britain at the European indoors and the world relays in 2015 before making the switch to represent Ghana. Sean has a personal-best in the hundred metres of 10.14 and 21.76 for 200m and 6.55 for the 60m. He recently competed in the 2018 Commonwealth games in Australia after coming back from an injury not long ago.

Sean told us that when he was a child, he used to love running more than anything, it wasn’t to race or to be first  or to get from point a to point b he used to run simply for the sake of running, he would just run and run to the point of being almost exhausted. When you do what you love and what God has created you to do, its always effortless and it doesn’t need anyone to force you you into it or tell you what to do, thats the power of passion. As time went on though, running without a purpose just wasn’t enough. Sean said what began to happen is he found that he suddenly wanted to test himself at every opportunity. Whether that was racing almost like some kind of terminator against the local buses along the high street as the passengers on both decks watched on, or racing his peers as the fastest in his age group in the neighbourhood. More often than not though, it was against the older age groups. He really was that fast and he knew it.

As Sean got older he developed a passion for anything and everything to do with athletics, whether that was taking part himself or just watching the sport. Sean told us that from being a young child, he began to dream about running in the Olympics, yet that dream must have seemed a million miles away at times as growing up was sometimes a struggle, especially financially. Although his family worked extremely hard, they weren’t as wealthy as others and at one point when Sean was 13, he had to put training and those dreams on hold for a while, to work as a Newspaper delivery boy. Aside from that, the area he grew up in had it’s own particular challenges. It was one of the rougher areas and not many people saw a positive way through life or had many hopes and dreams of a decent future. Sean admitted it would have been easy to lose focus and get involved in crime, like so many of his peers. He admitted he had gone down the wrong path at times but thankfully realised that he had a chance to better himself but he also knew that to do that, it would be a battle and that he would have to fight his way out. That’s when he made the decision to throw his focus back into athletics, knowing that with his gift, if he put in the work, the rewards would eventually come.

Sean is so thankful that he was brought up to believe in God, to pray and to be consistent, knowing that God was always there to help him in those challenging times and even now. He said” My Faith has helped me stay focused, it’s allowed me to trust in God knowing that God has a great plan for me.” Sean knows his story is not just about him, it’s so much more than that.  He knows that god hasn’t allowed him to become one of the fastest men on the planet just to keep his talents and his giftings to himself and he wants what he has  to be able to help many of you guys through telling his story and sharing his journey. Seans adamant that even if it just helps one of you, then it will have been worth it. He said “I hope that my message can change at least one person’s life around and allow them to believe all is possible.”

Sean finally reflected that if there was one thing he wanted you to learn from his story it was that you should never look at what you see as a poor start away from all the glamour and the glory in life and look at the highest levels and believe that you could never get there. He wants you to know that everyone has to start somewhere and all that matters is where you actually finish. He said “I went from running around the area to running at small school meets, to being one of the fastest men in Ghana to date, to being on the world stage and then at the Olympics. To be able to compete at that level and now being able to fulfil my dream is an amazing feeling.” That sort of journey is not something reserved for just certain types of people. God has an amazing plan for everyone and that kind of dream is available to people just like you.

Sean has a busy couple of years ahead of him, his next big competition will be African championships in Asaba, Nigeria. Then in 2019 Sean will compete at the World Championships in Doha. Then it’s onto the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 where we’ll all be hoping and praying that the fastest man in Ghana can show he’s one of the fastest men on earth. It’s going to be an exciting 2 years.