Ryan Tongia

Ryan Tongia is an Australian-born professional rugby Player who normally plays as a winger or fullback. He is a Papua New Guinea Rugby league international due to the fact that he is of Papua New Guinean, Chinese and German descent. He is one of a few players who has successfully played both Rugby league before making the code switch to Union and currently plays for Hawke’s Bay and the Highlanders in New Zealand. Ryan really came to prominence In 2014, when as a key player in the Hawke’s Bay side that year, he won the Ranfurly Sheild widely regarded as the most prestigious trophy in New Zealand’s domestic rugby union competition. he was also the top try scorer in last seasons ITM Cup, scoring an amazing 10 tries.

Ryan’s introduction certainly shows how much success he has had in his career and it might seem that he would have absolutely nothing in common with some of you guys who have struggled with so many things in life and are even struggling now. The truth is though that we often get to see someone like Ryan on TV lifting the trophy or scoring the winning try and think, I guess they’ve always had it easy but that certainly wasn’t the case with Ryan.

Ryan told us that when he first had a dream of becoming a Rugby player there were more than a few people that had no faith in him or his ability whatsoever. People would often comment and say that he had no chance of ever making it in the game and as for becoming a professional that was completely out of the question. As far as they were concerned he was crazy for even thinking he had a chance, let alone achieving everything we’ve already highlighted and more. Ryan told us he never let their opinions or words distract him, he was willing to do whatever it took to achieve the goals he’d set for himself and if people thought that in their opinions he wasn’t good enough, he knew he would just have to work twice as hard as everyone else to prove others wrong and that’s exactly what he did. In every aspect of the game Ryan left no stone unturned, he gave everything 100% and in the end he got his reward.

When asked about his faith Ryan told us how important it was, in that he knew his destiny was always in Gods hands and that therefore, God willing, even if he failed a couple of times, as long as he was heading in the right direction, it didn’t matter. He realised that every failure would just mean that he would learn faster. In the end he realised had he have listened to peoples negative opinions then they would’ve been correct but they weren’t and in giving it his all he managed to prove them all wrong and now his star is beginning to shine brighter than ever.

Ryan’s closing statement when asked how he hoped sharing his story through the Fight for the Fatherless would help you guys to not only be as successful as he was but hopefully do even better, was simply this: “If at least one of you kids reads this and feels inspired to achieve what ever it is you want for your life and you go out and make it happen and then inspire other kids to do so. Then I’ll be always grateful that I was given the opportunity to inspire you”.

Ryan also told us that for himself he simply wants to continue improving as Rugby player and be the best Husband and Father he can be. Well it certainly sounds like that’s a plan thats heading in the right direction and from all of us, we wish Ryan all the best and will certainly be keeping an eye out for him throughout the season and who knows, hopefully we’ll get the chance to see him lift another one of those famous trophies very very soon.

Thanks Ryan