Rovman Powell

Rovman Powell is a West Indian cricketer from Jamaica who plays as an All rounder. He is primarily a Batsmen but also a front line bowler. Representing the West Indies at International level he also plays for Jamaica domestically. He made his One Day International (ODI) debut against Sri Lanka in 2016 and made his Twenty20 International (T20I) debut against Pakistan in March 2017. In February 2018, Rovman took part in his biggest tournament to date, the 2018 Cricket World Cup Qualifying tournament. A successful run of victories and fine performances for the team meant they qualified for the 2019 World cup. Rovman personally had a great tournament scoring his Maiden century in West indian colours and was named by the ICC as the rising star of the West Indies’ squad.

Rovman told us he grew up in a small town in St Catherine in Jamaica. Unfortunately he grew up without his father in his life and told us that he never actually ever met him or anyone on his father’s side of the family, so there was never any real connection or male role model that he could look to for guidance and inspiration. He was brought up by his mother and although he says it was a tough upbringing, the one thing that he will always remain grateful for and acknowledge is the fact that his Mother worked really hard and sacrificed a lot for him to ensure he would have everything he would need to thrive and be happy. It was that love and selflessness that was the driving force behind Rovman’s rise in cricket, more than anything else  he was  determined to help his mother by being as successful as possible in cricket and life. Becoming a successful cricketer in the caribbean is often a way out of poverty for so many young men and he saw and sees it an opportunity to give back to her for all she ha given to him throughout his life.

Rovman started playing cricket as a result of the passion and love for the game that flowed through the family, especially through his Grandfather, who always loved watching the sport and that naturally rubbed off on young Rovman. He carried that passion into school and played cricket at every level with good success. He started playing in Jamaica for a club in St Catherine Parish, and had some good success it was obvious that he had a gift and a God given talent but he said, it wasn’t till after he’d played for Jamaica’s under 19’s, that he realized he could make something of his life through cricket. There ws always something when it came to the character of Rovman that said he was going to be something special. While other players around the world perhaps had an easier ride, he’d made it to that level the hard way. He didn’t have any of the fancy equipment and protective gear that others might have had, as he told us that Cricket being an expensive sport it was always a challenge to be as prepared as others might have been. The thing is, Rovman didn’t let that stop him and it was that resilience and mental strength that he built in those early years, that has now not only given him the discipline to go on to fulfil his dream of playing for the West Indies but to be part of the next World cup and in doing so, we can only imagine that his mother must be the proudest West Indian alive.

When it came to Rovman’s faith. Growing up without his Father hd potentially left a huge hole in his world, but it meant that his faith in God as a father became even more important to him than it might have been had his father been around.  He said “I learned to trust and believe in God. Growing up with a single mother was tough, hence I turned to God and his promises he made to us in the Bible ‘1. Ask and it shall be given. 2. Seek and you shall find and 3.Knock and the door shall be open. I tried my best to find out what those meant and then apply them to everything I did and almost every situation i found myself in  and it has been something I’ve learnt I know I can rely on.

Rovman’s hope was that many of you guys through Fight for the Fatherless, would be inspired by his story, especially knowing that if his father wasn’t in his life at all and he’d achieved his dream, it shows that just because some of you guys may be in the same situation it won’t stop you from being successful. When we asked Rovman what he would want you guys to take form his story he was quick to say “I hope that after the children hear my story they will know that there is a God that they can trust and believe in.” Rovman’s nature and his humble attitude towards everything in life is truly inspirational. He remains determine to be a success and to keep climbing higher in order to make his family proud and the children everywhere but especially in the caribbean proud.

Rovman’s next target is to do well through the regular season and perform to the best of his ability in the Caribbean premier league later in the year. His focus will then switch completely to helping West Indies do well at the World cup next year and so essentially preparations for that begin now.
Well we’re all looking forward to following Rovman forwards and seeing him fulfil his awesome potential over the next few months and certainly next year.

Thanks Rovman