Renold Quinlan

Renold Quinlan is a current Australian professional boxer of indigenous and Fijian descent and the former IBO Super Middleweight Champion. A clinical finisher Reinhold has won over 70% of his fights by way of knockout. To date the highlight of his career was when he knocked out former world champion Daniel Geale to shock the Boxing world and take the Super Middleweight title which he held from 2016 to 2017. He lost the title just last year to Chris Eubank Jr over a gruelling ten rounds in only the second defeat of his professional career and at just 28 years old has ambitions to turn that result around and reclaim his title.

Renold has somehow come through life in one piece to be able to share with us an incredible story. He grew up with his Grandmother Judith Quinlan Moseley. This after at just 18 months he was taken to live with her after his Dad had been sent to prison for a long time and his Mother was unable to look after him properly. He has visited his Father and knows that had circumstances been different they would have been there for him in that he knows they both loved him.

His Grandfather Philip Mosely took him under his wing as a boy and showed him the art of Boxing and eventually he turned professional at just 18 trained buy his uncle Lepani Wilson. Upto that point he admitted that he had often hung out with the wrong crowd and although boxing gave him some stability it didn’t keep him out of trouble completely. He ended up going to a Juvenile prison for youngsters for breaking and entering and after coming out and continuing to hang around with the same crowd, once again had to return to prison this time as an adult at age 20.

At this point he had a young family and because of his actions they had split up and he had lost them. He said that that was the turning point and he knew he had to change. He was about to fight in the biggest bout of his career but Boxing didn’t matter anymore. His Grandparents had always brought him up to trust and believe in God but he said he never really wanted to follow the rules God had even though he knew they were there to protect him and others around him. he said he had gone his own way and ended up in a real mess. He told us that at that point he said a prayer and in that asked God for one more chance. Although he lost the fight he told us he had his biggest win in his life to date, he had his family back together and also had made the decision to represent God in everything he did. He chose to not only set a better example to his family but to kids like you. He said he would absolutely love the opportunity to talk with kids like you to make sure many of you don’t make the same mistakes he did.

Renold will now step up in his next match to fight Damien Hooper for the WBO Light Heavyweight title on the 7th of April and amazingly also on that date will be getting baptised. He’s promised to keep us unto date and with so much happening in April for our little family with so many other big sporting events and competitions coming up it’s going to be an exciting time.

Thanks Renold