Rasaq Tanimowo

Rasaq Tanimowo is a Nigerian weightlifter, who competes for his country in the 56kg class. In 2014 he represented Nigeria at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.
He won two silver medals at the 2015 All-Africa Games in the Republic of the Congo on the 50th anniversary of the Games and In 2016 He won a Gold medal at the 2016 AAU Championships held in the USA. Where he set a new record in his weight class with clean and Jerk of 132kg and a Snatch of 100kg giving him an Automatic Invitation to the World International Championships. In 2017 Rasaq once again retained his title winning the gold medal at the AAU Weightlifting Championships held in Las Vegas, USA.

When we first spoke to Rasaq we asked how he had got into weightlifting and had arrived at where he was now as a professional athlete living and training in the U.S.A. He told us that he has faced more obstacles than most in his career. He told us that apart from when he was in High school as a track and field athlete he has done everything the hard way, with very little encouragement from anyone initially. He said that after his athletics coach sent him to the weights room to get stronger, Rasaq told us that he had a change of heart about his pursuit of a track and field dream. He wanted to be a champion and win Gold medals and quickly worked out that although he was good at many sports there were more Gold medals available to Nigerian athletes in weightlifting than any of the other sports he excelled in.

He set off on a journey to become the best but where many athletes form other countries would find that they were encouraged and their gifts nurtured at every stage of their development  with national federations and authorities often quick to step in and lend a hand, Rasaq quickly found that he was forced to fund himself at every stage of his journey.  With no support Rasaq was determined to succeed, he knew success was not about how much others believed in or chose to invest in you but it was all about how much he would choose to believe and invest i himself. Whether that was to be hours in the weights room or studying the sport, or getting his rest and recovery just right, Rasaq knew his destiny lay in his hands and no one else’s.

Rasaq told us that it was his faith at the most difficult times that gave him the strength to continue, He told us there were so many important people who he admired and looked up to who unfortunately wanted to see him fail and who discouraged him from reaching for his dreams at every stage of his journey but he always felt like God was encouraging him whenever he prayed and reached out for help an for guidance and so because of that, Rasaq always felt that there was nothing anyone could do to stop him, no matter how negative their actions and attitudes were towards him. It wasn’t till he began to break records and win National titles that everyone really got behind him and his country now pay for him to train and compete at the highest levels.

Rasaq told us he wanted you guys to know that even if others try and discourage you, don’t allow that to distract you from your goals. He said Focus was the key and he hoped that by sharing his message with the Fight for the Fatherless, he could inspire you all to focus on your dreams no matter what. His next goal is to prepare to qualify for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 where he hopes to look to add more medals to his collection and for that we will certainly be giving him the encouragement back that he has given to us as a family.

Thanks Rasaq