Psalm Wooching Part II

Psalm Wooching is a dual athlete from Hawaii, an American Football player as well as a Rugby Union International. We told a little of his story in Part 1 of how Psalm became a leading football player sought after by teams in the NFL. and we promised that we’d tell you a little more of the story of how Psalm made the choice to become an International Rugby player for the U.S.A,  which in turn resulted in him becoming  a part in their America’s Cup Championship triumph in South America in 2018.

Psalm’s story really began At the age of just 12 when he went along to his first training session at Hawaii’s Kona Bulls Rugby club. Supported by his brother Caleb he made a great first impression running 50 yards through and past the bemused opposition to score an amazing try, extraordinary right? but I guess growing up watching rugby as part of his Samoan heritage, it was just in his blood.

By High school Psalm had begun playing football but rugby was still his first love. Such was his obsession that during football’s off-season after their training he would often sneak off with the Rugby team for a further session. Most people would have been exhausted from just one training run but it was his passion that drove him to do what from the outside just looked to be impossible at times.

As mentioned Psalm had to turn down the opportunity to play for the U.S Junior National Rugby side to play football which he knew would give him the opportunity to set his family up for life. At the end of the 2017 season it looked like all his dreams were about to come to fruition. After an incredible season for Washington, NFL teams and agents numbering sometimes over 30 a day were knocking at his door for the draft, with a promise of a guaranteed small fortune financially. Psalm chose to turn them all down to focus on playing Rugby and this time focus all his energies of fulfilling his dream of playing Rugby for his country.

Psalm said that of course their were many people who doubted his decision because of what financially being in the NFL would mean but he knew he had to follow his heart and his faith. He chose to trust in God and in the end things could not have worked out better He was remarkably chosen to go on tour before even receiving his first cap and just last weekend became part of the Americas cup winning U.S.A team in South America beating the likes of Uruguay and Argentina. Psalm said it was such an honour and a blessing knowing that there are only so many people that get to represent their country. In his mind there was and is no doubt that he has made the right decision.

Psalm said “I’ve always been a person that prefers memories and friendships over money and that’s one of the main reason I chose Rugby. I plan on going over seas for next season and to play at the highest level I can”. With his ambition to also play in the 2020 Olympics he believes with hard work and determination he can make it but whatever happens he told us that he feels blessed to always have had God by his side.

We’re so looking forward to following Psalms journey and hope you guys are too and we definitely hope to hear more from him in the future.