Psalm Wooching

Psalm Whooshing is a dual athlete from Hawaii being an American Football player as well as a Rugby Union International. As a Dual athlete we decided we’d tell Psalms story in 2 parts, starting with the story of Psalm the football player. Psalm finished the 2017 season playing Football with the Washington Huskies in the NCAA Division I, where he played most home games at the 70,000 plus capacity Huskies stadium. Psalm currently now plays Rugby Union for the U.S.A. Psalm signed with the Washington Huskies in 2012 as a running back before transitioning to a linebacker. In 2016 he was part of the team that won the Pac-12 conference Championship and advanced to the Football Playoff semifinals. In the 2017 season the Huskies repeated the feat winning the Championship for the second season running.

Psalms foray into football took an unusual route He was a Rugby player to begin with and in his heart knew that that was what he always wanted to do. By the time he was in High school though he was also playing American Football and began making a real impact there, catching the coaches, scouts and everyone’s attention. Realising that giving football 100% would mean a free education and the possibility to take care of his family resulted in the decision to go Washington but in the process reject the opportunity to play Rugby for the U.S Junior National team.

By the end of the 2017 Season Psalm had captained and led his team to numerous successes and personally he was beginning to blow up big time. He was touted to be drafted into the NFL and was bombarded with messages from over 30 agents a day trying to secure him for teams like the New York jets and the Oakland Raiders.
Psalm instead chose Rugby and the opportunity to play for the U.S.A. He told us “I’ve always been a person that prefers memories and friendships over money and that’s one of the main reasons I switched.

Growing up with a Samoan father with an American Mother, Psalm told us how important his faith was in these words “Growing up in the islands with a faith driven family it was all God first! Even if we didn’t have heaps of money my family always found a way”. In times where I was down with no family near I knew I could always get on my hands and knees and pray to God. Psalm was quick to point out that you can talk to God not only in the difficult moments but anytime.”

Psalm said that by becoming a part of our Fight for the Fatherless family his hope in connecting with you guys was that as he put it, “I can be an inspiration to some of these kids. That they can learn from the path I’ve been on and hopefully join me on the road to accomplishing their dreams”.

Well we can’t wait till Monday to hear part 2 of Psalms story and to hear a lot more about him as an International Rugby player and a little more about his upbringing and his dream of playing for his country and one day be at the Olympics.

Thanks Psalm and looking forward to Monday already.