Omar Daley

Omar Daley is a Jamaican Professional footballer and plays as a Winger. He has played for Jamaica in a number of World cup Qualifiers winning more than 65 caps and has also played against England at Wembley in front of over 70,000 fans. Omar was born in Kingston, Jamaica and has won the Jamaican Premier league with Portmore United and has played In England for numerous clubs including Bradford City where he made over a 100 appearances and at one point was nominated in the League team of the season. He has also played in the Scottish Premier league for Motherwell and in the United States.

Looking at his record anyone would think that Omar had never faced failure. Thats not true. In fact when he was a schoolboy he was turned down by a number of clubs before he became a professional in Jamaica. Then when he came to England can you believe he was turned down by Ten clubs and yet continued to believe kept smiling, loving others and eventually achieved all the success you’ve just read about.

Omar knows many of you will have been hurt in the past but his message to you is still: Live your life to the full, laugh as often as possible and love others as much as you can and if you’ve ever met Omar, that just about sums him up to a tee. When we asked him why he never gave in. His exact words were “God is the light at the end of my tunnel thats why I kept going”.

Omar is currently a Professional coach in Las Vegas and works with over 80 children a week. We wish him all the best in the States and we’ll be definitely looking to catch up with him soon and find out more about his incredible story.