Nigel St lewis

Nigel St Lewis is a British World Natural Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion originally from Trinidad and Tobago. He is also an actor and has had roles in a number of British films.
In 2011, Nigel was the BNBF British Novice and Overall Champion, as well as the 2011 NPA British Novice and Overall Champion becoming the first newcomer to ever achieve this feat across the two federations. In 2013 Nigel won his first British Heavyweight title and later that year went on to become the UIBBN World Champion. In 2015 he became the WNBF International Heavyweight Champion before going on to win the overall title gaining a prestigious WNBF Pro card. In his last competition Nigel was 3rd in the Pro World Heavyweight class in November 2017.

Nigel first came to England at the age of 15 after his father was tragically killed in Trinidad when Nigel was just 12. Nigel’s father was a fisherman and often fished late at night, he was the provider for the family and worked as hard as possible, that often meant going out late when the chances of getting a great catch were much higher . One day, he never came home and was later found washed ashore with his boat nowhere to be found. Although Nigel’s family never got a definite answer from the Police or the authorities, it was understood from the evidence, that he had likely sailed into dangerous waters close to Venezuela. Unfortunately it was in those waters where Pirates often operated and it was believed by almost everyone that he had become a tragic victim of those modern pirates, who most likely had killed him.

From that point onwards, Nigel took it upon himself to be the Father figure in the home knowing he had his younger siblings and his mother to look out for. Without his Father’s income, things were very difficult and Nigel often did work around the local area to help provide. He told us “I never remembered there being Christmas and Birthday presents at all during that time, as everyday living and food was always the priority.” Through that challenging period, Nigel said there were two major factors that gave him a focus and a strength to carry on. One was weight training. He had first been inspired by the powerful physiques of many of the boxers he grew up watching alongside his Grandfather, who himself was a big boxing fan.

Nigel always remembers becoming fascinated with his older cousin lifting weights around the same time and so chose to follow his lead. Nigel was already playing various other sports and enjoyed that he really responded well to training. More than anything though, he enjoyed the control and self confidence that increasing his strength and size brought to his life, especially in the middle of a period when he had very little control over anything else. He continued lifting through his teenage years and by the time he got to his twenties he began to learn about the real science of Bodybuilding. A spell in the army had taught him even more about discipline and commitment, which looking back all seems like it was part of the amazing plan for his life and when he later decided to give 100% focus to training and nutrition along with that discipline and dedication his physique was transformed and it was then that his Bodybuilding career really took off and he became a Champion.

Aside from training, Nigel said that his faith in God, especially at the time, was a massive thing for the whole family. Seeing his Mother’s faith in God grow and her refusal to blame God for what they knew bad people had done, was something that he’ll never forget and at the time he remembers even as a child, that prayer was something that consistently brought them all a feeling of peace. Nigel told us that “I realised  in those difficult moments, although I didn’t understand everything that was happening, that God must be real and that he was with me and somehow I knew my life would work out and things were going to be ok.”

We asked Nigel what he hoped you guys reading this would learn from his journey and in ending his story Nigel simply said this “As difficult as things may seem at times by God’s grace you can continue, there is no other choice, and believe me things do get better. It’s on you.”

Nigel is currently training with the goal of becoming Pro Heavyweight Champion in 2019 and will spend the period up to then training as hard and as heavy as possible in order to build a bigger better stronger physique to give him every opportunity to do just that. Besides that, Nigel has lots of ambitions including maybe to star in a Hollywood movie one day and all I can say is if Hollywood doesn’t agree, we believe without doubt that he’d make the perfect Superhero.

Thanks Nigel