Nick Adams

Nick Adams is a British and World Natural Bodybuilding Champion at under 85 Kilos having won the Natural Physique Association Heavyweight title in England in 2017 before going to France and winning the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Light Heavyweight title later in the year. . Nick is also a former Royal Marine Commando who was trained in the South of England at the principal military training centre for the Royal Marines.

To reach the very top in both fields has taken tremendous dedication and so we asked Nick if he was always disciplined throughout his life. Nick told us at school that definitely wasn’t the case, he would often mess around and impressing his mates was more important to him than impressing his teachers and mentors, as a result he never really focused on his studies. Being respected for the wrong things meant that nobody really had any belief in him and often told him that there was no way that he would ever be successful and ever make anything of himself. It was those words and judgements that gave Nick the jolt he needed and it was then that  Nick made the decision to change his attitude and start working much harder and give so much more to everything he did..

Initially, the very same reputation he’d gained at school followed him into Adult life and when he decided he was going to join the Royal marines, not one person outside of his family believed he could do it. That was all the motivation Nick needed. He worked twice as hard as everyone else to prove to himself he could do it and while many others dropped out , he had already decided in his heart that no matter what it took to reach the top and succeed, he wasn’t going to ever quit . Nick carried the same discipline over to Bodybuilding when he left the Marines and although once again everyone said he would not succeed, Nick proved everyone wrong, going on to dominate in his first  competitive seasons and win both  British and World titles.

When we asked Nick how his faith in God had helped him through his life and certainly while on tour as a Royal marine. Nick told us how important his faith had always been to him but especially when circumstances in different countries brought home to him, the reality of how precious and valuable life really is. Nick said, “I always had a sense that God was with me in difficult times and that was even more important when I was serving my country in Afghanistan, as it was such a dangerous place. I always had a sense that God was guiding me and warning me whenever there was danger and I felt that that kept me safe and is a big reason why I’m still here today and had the opportunity to go on to become a Champion.”

Nick now is out of the Royal Marines and  has his own family and a little girl of his own and we’re now proud to call him a part of our family too. Nick told us that by joining us at the Fight for the Fatherless, he felt his story and what he’s achieved would serve as a great inspiration t so many of you and said in closing out his short story and introduction, “I hope I can help through my journey stir up the passions that are on the inside all of you, so that you too, can go on to do great things just like I have .”

Nicks next competition is at the European Championships in Barcelona in June 2018 and we all wish him all the best for that. Then he’ll no doubt be looking to compete either at the British Championships in late 2018 or the British then Worlds in either the 2019 or 2020 Seasons. Just to say finally it really is great to have Nick with us and we’ll definitely be hearing more from him in the future.