Nadine Roos

Nadine Roos is an International Women’s Rugby player who represents South Africa. She made her debut in the African Cup In the Zimbabwe Sevens in 2016, where she was named player of the tournament. She then made her World series debut in Dubai in 2016 where again she was named the outstanding player of the tournament. She went on to play in various World series qualifiers which culminated in a great qualifying tournament in the African cup in 2017, which qualified the team for the World cup and her first Commonwealth games in 2018.

Nadine grew up for most of her life with her Grandmother. She never met her Father and her Mother faced various personal challenges which resulted in her often unable to be the responsible parent that Nadine needed. One day when Nadine was very young, her mother made the decision to leave home and not collect her from School, leaving Nadine to be looked after for 3 days by the school under the threat of being taken into care. Her Grandmother was informed what was happening and immediately travelled all the way across the country to take Nadine to live with her for good and she never saw her mother again, except for a short spell when she was around 16.

Nadine grew up on a farm and was involved in a variety of sports both at home and through school. She always loved being outdoors and told us that wherever you would find action you would find her at the heart of it. That included Rugby from around the age of 5 or 6, where Nadine would play against the boys until around the age of 9, when girls were no longer allowed to play with the boys and so her attention shifted towards athletics. Nadine excelled at both Netball and Athletics right up to University and dreamt of running at the Olympics. In early 2015 though, the Rugby coach of the University ladies team came scouting for her one day after he had heard great things about her from her coaches, especially in relation to her speed and attitude. By Mid 2015, Nadine was on tour in France with the University and winning the player of the tournament there and by the end of 2015 Nadine was playing at the Nationals and winning the same award. With that, she was selected to the South African Sevens squad and within a short period of time, had established herself as a key player in the team and has played a crucial role ever since.

Nadine told us a little about her faith when asked and said her Grandmother always took her to church when she was little and so she always had a foundation but that it wasn’t until she reached high school that she had a real belief that everything she had was from God. She admits that at times there were questions about her purpose with what had happened with her mother but that she never blamed God and her focus was always on the good things in her life. Nadine felt that God had given her the gift of sports, to give her that escape from her problems and in feeding her soul, body and mind with healthy thoughts, often through reading her bible and never forgetting who brought her to where she was now, was what she felt defined her success and kept her so positive.

Without doubt hearing Nadine’s story we wondered how she came through it with such a positive mindset and so asked her what she felt many of you could learn from her story. Nadine said this “What defines you is what you do to become a better person in doing good to those around you. Remember you can’t change the past but you can change the current circumstances to make yourself happy and the people around you happy too. I never had close friends in school and was always scared that people would judge me because I grew up with my grandmother, but there’s something I tried and try to always live by, even in my circumstances and that’s to always treat people the way I would want to be treated. I think that is also a big part of my success, in that God has guided me to treat people with respect, honesty, dignity and integrity. That’s something I never received in my life, but God gave me the strength to do the opposite of what was done to me”.

Nadine said her next target will be the World cup Sevens in July and so that’s where her focus will lie, although obviously she has future ambitions with the team to be at the next Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 Whatever her ambitions, we’ll be supporting Nadine in looking to fulfil them over the coming months, which we’re certain will be successful.

Thanks Nadine