Moji Oluwa

Moji Oluwa is a Professional Natural Bodybuilding Champion originally from Nigeria but now living in California in the U.S.A. He is also an Olympian having competed in Weightlifting for Nigeria in the Olympic and Commonwealth games. Moji has won over 40 bodybuilding titles yet his greatest achievements to date were captaining his country at the Olympic Games and winning 2 Gold medals and a Bronze at the Commonwealth games.

Moji has overcome many obstacles to get where he is today. He first was inspired to become bigger and stronger when he saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in a film at the age of 12, he was determined to succeed but told us that because he was very skinny and not very athletic and was also prone to lots of injuries, almost everyone told him not to follow his dreams because he simply just wasn’t built for lifting. He worked harder than ever and despite continuing to have injuries, he overcome every challenge he faced to eventually become victorious. Eventually he was able to fulfil his dream of coming to America on a weightlifting scholarship before competing in the Olympics and eventually going on to meet Arnold at Arnold’s own event. By this time Moji had become one of the most respected strength athletes in the world, following neatly in his hero’s footsteps. as someone else who had come all the way to the U.S.A to follow their dream.

The question for Moji was with going through so many challenges how much of a part did his faith play in his success in sport and his life. Moji was really clear on this one and told us “God played every role in my success, because without my faith I would have given up years ago. God gave me all the tools I needed to overcome all the adversities I had ever faced”.

The last thing Moji wanted to say was that he was glad of the opportunity to tell his story to many of you guys and be a Father figure that would as his quote says inspire you to go as far as you can in order to chase after your dreams. He said “I know what it feels like to not really have my Dad in my life, I want to help by mentoring the children and use my experience as a tool to help inspire them”.

Moji’s next contest will be in Hawaii in September later this year before he goes on to the World championships later on in the season and we wish him all the best for that.
Once again thanks Moji and we all hope to hear more from you later on in the year.