Michelle Weber

Michelle Weber is a South African Open water swimmer and an Olympian who specialises in the 10 and 5km distance disciplines. Aged just 21 she has been swimming for the national South African squad since the age of 14 years old.
She has already been crowned Junior world champion, youth Olympian, youth commonwealth games medalist, and competed in the women’s marathon 10 kilometre event at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Michelle has remarkably been the South African National Champion for the 10km and 5km for the past 6 years and has held numerous South African age group swimming records.

The first thing Michelle told us was that she started competitive swimming when she was just 8 years old and instantly fell in love with it both her parents were always very supportive and her inspiration behind her success. She told us that she loved competing and loved working hard and had said that “So many times I didn’t go out with my friends because I was just too tired or I had a hard training session the next morning — but that’s what it takes.” Michelle still kept up with her school work throughout with extra lessons to keep up.

At just 15 though, while competing in the World Championships in Barcelona, Spain, as a result of excitement and passion Michelle received a huge surge of natural adrenaline and her heart began beating at well over 240 beats per minute. She had to undergo heart surgery to solve the problem, which without doubt could have killed her but miraculously Michelle was back in the water just four weeks later and fully focused on her dream of becoming an Olympian. She said “I had just won my Junior world title and was worried that my heart would be the reason I had to give up the sport, but after the procedure, I put my trust in God and kept fighting for what I wanted to achieve”.

When we enquired about her faith, Michelle said “As an athlete I give all honor to God for what he has done for me especially in swimming and I believe that any achievement comes from him. I’ve always believed that God sees the work, passion, love and commitment and He blesses that. All I do is work my best And then God does the rest”. Michelle doesn’t just thank God when things are going well. At the moment her Mother is very poorly but still Michelle’s faith in God doesn’t change and we as a family are going to be believing the best for her Mother especially now that they are all a part of our family too.

We asked Michelle what she felt personally she would bring to our little family and this is what she had to say to you guys “I would like to encourage you all to keep fighting for what you want. No matter what people my say, no matter your background or your past. You are capable of amazing things”. Having had a supportive family herself, Michelle knows what it is to have that encouragement and love that we know her message will bring to you all.

Michelle’s next goal is to win a medal at the World championships in South Korea and then she’ll be looking ahead to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. We’ll definitely be looking out for her knowing that the very best of her career is still to come.