Matt Perry

Matt Perry is a NASCAR Driver from the U.S.A on the Whelan All American Series as well as a U.S. Navy Sailor and is currently a Second Class Petty Officer. He recently spent his first tour aboard a Navy destroyer deployed to Asia and the South Pacific and as a Sonar technician, he is involved in search, rescue and attack operations among other duties. In 2017 Matt made history by becoming the first enlisted U.S. Navy Sailor to compete in NASCAR. In his first race he finished in the top ten, a remarkable achievement and as a Rookie has sent a clear signal that he’ll be a driver to watch out for in 2018.

Matt’s path in life was certainly one inspired by his father who himself was in the Navy as well as a huge NASCAR fan. Because of his job he was away from home for long periods as Matt grew up but when he was home, he took Matt to the track regularly from Matt being around the age of 5. Matt Remembers the moment that really sparked things off in his mind though, when at age 6, one of the drivers allowed him to sit in his car and ignited a passion within Matt for racing that just exploded and has stayed with him to this day. Aside from going to the track, throughout School Matt struggled with being bullied. He wasn’t athletic and didn’t excel at sports but he felt God had given him a gift of having a kind spirit and as a result, he was always the guy who was quick to help and protect others. Unfortunately one or two saw that nature as weakness and that perception made him a target for many, many years.

By the time Matt left school had he not  been a lot stronger he could have allowed that to crush his spirit . We’re sure that is what would have happened to many others in the same position. But in fact, it only made Matt more determined to be more protective of those that were weaker than him, as well as chase his NASCAR dream this was something that was part of his very nature and he wasn’t going to let anything sway him in  a different direction. So with that motivation burning inside, it formed part of his decision to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the 4th generation of his family to join the Navy. There he has now been able to serve with that God given gift and be seen as a symbol of hope and protection for the weak all around the World.

At the same time as serving he was also painting cars to earn the funds to pursue his passion. There’s often a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes of reaching a dream and often that hard work can be a million miles away from the dream your chasing after but just something you have to do. He had already become an amateur Drifter and Drag racer but the dream of driving NASCAR still looked a million miles away. At this point, another NASCAR driver who became Matt’s friend and Mentor, encouraged him and offered Matt a spot on his team. Despite it looking financially impossible, he told Matt, if he wanted it bad enough, between him and God, he would find a way. So as well as working in the Navy on call, Matt worked 2 other jobs 7 days a week to eventually fulfil his dream.

Matt told us His faith in God meant he knew there was a plan for his life and that even in the midst of all the bullying, he knew God was with him. Matt said “I realized God wouldn’t allow me to go through these stressful situations and tough times unless it was going to make me stronger and so I knew things were always going to get better”. It was that believe and strength of faith and knowing that ultimately God had a plan for his life, that would allow Matt to eventually achieve what many others thought was impossible and go on to reach his dream.

Matt said he really hoped that that his story would inspire you guys and his message was “I want you to know there’s always a way to your dream and if you put the drive in your going to do it.”  We hope that you all are totally inspired and blown away by the fact, as we are, that a guy who has the passion to protect nations, has just as much passion for you guys to be motivated through the Fight for the fatherless to reach your goals and dreams and we’re so grateful that he’s chosen to connect with us as a family to be a part of all that we’re aiming to do.

Matt is now planning to race through 2018 there are some big events coming up that we’ll be keeping track off and learning more about. He also has ambitions to move up to the next Pro level of NASCAR hoping to make his K&N West debut in September, so we’ll definitely watch out for that too.