Martin Petro

Martin Petro is a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion from Slovakia He competes at Light Heavyweight and is a WNBF Professional having won his Pro card by winning his class and the Overall title at the UK International Championships in 2015.

Martin has not had an easy life, when we spoke to him he told us he grew up in a very poor family in a small Christian village and had very little money for food, yet he went on to start Bodybuilding at 14 , join the Army at 19, become a Lance corporal just one year later and eventually become a World Champion Natural Bodybuilder.

He said the one peace of advice he wanted to give to you all was Persist. Just keep going, even when it gets hard, don’t give up. Martin believes that God is always with you never against you. Circumstances might be but God never is.
Well all I can say is the Fight for the Fatherless family will all be backing him as he travels to Los Angeles California at the end of the Year for the World Championships. He’s got a hard year of training ahead of him but I’m sure you’ll all join us in wishing him all the best.