Mark Walker

Mark Walker is a current musician from the UK, who plays Keyboards and Guitar among other instruments and has supported most of the Top artists around the world for over 25 years. Including the likes of Ceelo Green, West Life, Jesse J, Kelly Rowland, Pixie Lott as well as playing the same stage with the likes of Michael Jackson the Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder He’s played at some of the world’s most famous events including Glastonbury and at “Rock in Rio” in front of over 250,000 fans as well as at every major Arena in Europe.

At 13 years old Mark had a big dream to be one of the best Musicians in the world. He told us that he realised that it would take persistence and hard work to make it and regularly missed out on time with friends and purposely avoided those who he felt were a bad influence. Mark told everyone he was going to make it and from that point on never gave up, while so many other talented individuals he knew chose to quit. Marks message to you is a simple one “Just never give up, if you fall down get right back up again, just don’t ever quit and you can achieve anything you put your mind to”.

Mark is a father to 4 Children and told us he was blessed to have had a Father and numerous Father figures in his life and more importantly, know that God is his heavenly Father. Because of that, he told us he wants to be that Father figure for so many other children like you and to let you know that he believes you are all valued and loved by God no matter what.

We hope that Mark gets the opportunity in the future to be that Father figure to many of you through our family here and for now, just know that Mark and his immediate family are praying for you, supporting you and cheering you on along with everyone else here at Fight for the Fatherless.