Lubambo Musonda

Lubambo Musonda is a Zambian international footballer, who plays primarily as a left winger, who can play on the right. He made his international debut for Zambia in 2014 and was part of Zambia’s squad for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations. He played in the World cup qualifiers through 2015 and 2016 and has made 18 Appearances for Zambia with one of the highlights being a magnificent goal in a Worldcup qualifying win against Sudan. Domestically, Lubambo currently plays in the Armenian Premier league for Gandzasar Kapan and has played for National Assembly, Power Dynamos and Ulisses since turning Professional in 2012. Since then he has already been involved in a number of high profile games including Europa league qualifying matches.

Lubambo told us he started playing football when he was a little boy and would often play on the road with his friends but barefoot and using anything they could find for goalposts. Although Lubambo’s family were quite well off and could afford everything he needed, some of the other children unfortunately could not and didn’t have shoes. To be fair, they all agreed they would play without shoes and even though that resulted in a lot of cuts, bruises and various injuries, being fair to all was much more important to them as friends. Lubambo was obviously gifted and even though he just played for fun, his Father saws his potential and bought him some boots. He had no plans to be a footballer and in fact as an altar boy at the local church, he wanted to be a priest when he got older. Football though, also helped keep him out of trouble, as being so happy kicking a ball around after school and every spare minute he had, left little time to get involved in any mischief.

Lubambo eventually chose to try out at a one of the local Football Academies and did so well there, that after one season he joined one of the biggest academies at that time, called Zamsure FC. Again he did so well, that he was signed by the best academy in Zambia called K Star FC and it was from there that he said his love for football started growing stronger. It was far from smooth sailing from that point though. Despite his talent, many of his coaches felt that he would struggle to do well in school and football at the same time, while others said he was far too young and inexperienced to play at the level he was aiming for, with wanting to play in the Zambian Premier league. Lubambo would go on to prove everyone wrong, almost as soon as he had finished school, by signing as a professional in 2012 and playing for National assembly FC in the Premier division before going on to represent Zambia on the World stage.

As mentioned Lubambo was very close to God as a child and an altar boy but even though now he is a footballer and not a priest, as he thought he might be one day, he told us the way he feels about God hasn’t changed. He said “I would say God is the reason I am what I am today and my mum reminds me at times. Without Him I would be lost, he is my strength for the day, a light for the journey and joy for my way and that is why i believe I will make it.” Lubambo wanted you guys to know that God is available to everyone and anyone whoever you are and that no matter what you will always be loved by him. He said in a message just for you guys “God is never asleep and I pray he embraces you with the love and strength to stand strong and achieve your dreams and I hope through the little i have shared about myself it will inspire you to pursue them.

As for Lubambo’s ambitions for the rest of the season, He said” I want to get more goals than I did last season and be the best player in the league and qualify my national team to the Africa cup of nations in 2019.” At that stage Lubambo will be another year older wiser bigger and stronger so it will be very interesting to see what he can do. Hopefully in being a part of his journey we’ll get to have as much fun watching him as he always does playing.