Lewis Browne

Lewis Browne is an young up and coming Hip Hop artist, who at the age of 23 has already released his first EP. Lewis has already performed on the same stage as Little Simz and Kirk Knight and is steadily making his mark on the UK Underground scene but what makes Lewis special, is that he is fast building a reputation as an artist that chooses to deal exclusively in positivity. A stance that goes completely against the grain of the more popular Hip hop culture both in the UK and the U.S, showing that you can do Hip hop music and still promote a positive and empowering message to young people.

When we asked Lewis how he first got started in Hip hop, he told us that at a very young age he used to hear American artists rhyming and he loved it but it wasn’t until the age of 12 that he heard a British rapper and was completely blown away. He said he began to develop the art of rhyming and that was all that mattered at the time but as he got older he realised he could use his art to tell positive stories and use his life experiences to help others. His Dad had left the family when Lewis was just 15 and sadly from that point on he’d hardly seen him at all, it was that experience that helped shape much of his music.

A lot of Lewis’s lyrics include aspects of his faith and so we asked if he’d always believed in God. Lewis said he went to Catholic school but didn’t really understand faith until he got older. For Lewis his belief that God is a Father that is always for us and has great plans for our futures was something he wanted his music to reflect and it was largely for that reason that he decided to eliminate the negative lyrics he’d made when he was younger and make tracks to not just entertain but lift people up as well.

Lewis is married to Saphire Browne, who is also a singer and has a young son and daughter. He said his change in direction means not only can he make tracks that his family can be proud of but he feels that especially for you older guys that are connecting to the Fight for the fatherless, he can inspire you to tell a much more positive story of your own lives as well.

Lewis said he wants to be a role model not only to many of you but his ambition is to one day be considered as a worldwide recognised artist while still giving the same positive messages through his music that he does now.