Junior Talipeau

Junior “The One” Talipeau is a Professional Boxer who currently fights at Super- Middleweight, although he began his amateur career as a Heavyweight. He is from Australia but was born in New Zealand of Samoan descent.
Junior has won a number of titles including the Asia Pacific Middleweight & Australian Middleweight Titles. He’s also won the WBA Fedelatin Super-middleweight Title and a number of titles in the WBF
Junior has had over 25 professional fights winning the vast majority and never actually tasted defeat until his 14th professional fight. His biggest fight to date, took place when he suffered defeat to Mexican Gilberto Ramirez, who still remains undefeated after 37 fights to date and is the current WBO World Super Middleweight Champion. Junior is also currently a Manager and a Promotor in his own right and also starred on Australia’s Boxing based Reality TV show “The contender”.

We asked Junior about his upbringing and he admitted that it was a difficult one. His father was a very aggressive man towards all of the family but especially his mother as a young boy there was nothing that Junior and his 3 siblings could do about it which left him feeling powerless most of the time. His Father eventually left the family and returned to Samoa when Junior was just 8 years old and although that meant that much of the actual moments of darkness and aggression were over it still left a lot of hurts and mental scars that he was left to recover from and deal with.
Junior was left acting out his frustrations through displays of aggression, which got him into trouble on numerous occasions and although he was still playing Rugby, which he had done since they age of 4 and that helped, it wasn’t enough.He ended up getting involved in street fights by the age of twelve and recalls he was involved in at least 3 fights a week, which he now admits just wasn’t cool. Around this time he became intrigued that his brother was at a real boxing club and would remember him coming home with his kit regularly. Junior wanted to follow in his big brother’s footsteps, who at first rejected every request to let him tag along but eventually after much persuasion, Junior convinced him to let him go with him.

Junior says it was a hard grind to start with and it was 6 months before he was even allowed to go on the pads it certainly wasn’t as glamorous as he had expected it to be but it was those early disciplines that set him up for later in his career. Given his enthusiasm his gift and mental and physical aggression it wasn’t  long before he was sparring with grown men, even though he was still just 14 years old. By the age of 17 he had won a state championship as a heavyweight in the Open age Mens set up and with his deterination to succeed and make his family proud it was inevitable that his career would take off and it certainly did from there.

When we asked Junior what part his faith played in his boxing and his life, he said that he always felt that having God in his life was always the biggest encouragement, no matter what was going on. He also wanted to stress that before every fight, he felt it was important to pray not just for himself but also for his opponent. His prayer would always be that they would both come out of the fight fit and healthy and ready to fight another day. For Junior, boxing has always been an art form as well as a sport. For him it’s always been about controlling your aggression and using skill, it’s not as most people assume about trying to damage the other person and cause them permanent harm.

Junior said he he felt that his boxing skills and the discipline that he had learnt from the sport, was a gift that he could now pass on to some of you guys, especially those of you who may struggle with their aggression like he did. He told us that that’s why he was so excited about sharing his story through the Fight for the Fatherless and really hoped and prayed that doing this would help some of you guys. When we asked what he wanted you to learn most from his story he told us that he wanted you to know that whatever difficulties you face in life the bad times won’t always last forever, that good times will come.  Importantly his message for you all was this “God has a purpose and the perfect plan for your life, just waiting to open up for you. so the storm  that you’re going through it won’t last forever. The storm you are riding right now it will pass”

We don’t know what Junior ha planned in the immediate future. He now has a family of his own and a son and a daughter and he has ambitions to coach younger kids to hopefully give them the same way out of their pain that he was offered when he needed it  and the opportunity to fulfil his dreams. Well it was certainly a pleasure  to hear Juniors story and one thing is for sure we are so  excited to have him now be a part of our family and hope to hear much more from him in the future.

Thanks Junior