Harry Mattick

Harry Mattick is an International Figure skater who represents Great Britain. He was the International Men’s 2017 Sofia Cup Figure Skating Champion and was also a 4 time British Junior Champion, having been competing from a very early age art the highest levels of the sport.
Harry can understand how many of you feel more than most. Harry grew up without his Father for most of his life after having lost him in a car accident as a child. Harry himself was in the car at the time and was blessed to survive himself. When doctor’s first began to assess Harry the diagnosis was not at all good. Although they knew that it was not the news that Harry would have wanted, such was the damage sustained to him and the severity of his injuries, that the Doctor’s advised that he may never walk again let alone skate after he suffered serious head injury. It would take an absolute miracle for him to be able to recover emotionally and physically to be able to operate and live out a normal life, so what happened next was not something that anyone in the medical community could ever explain.
Not only did Harry walk again but he went onto commit everything into developing as a figure skater. He would become not only stronger mentally but physically as session after gruelling session, he would give 100% into every aspect of his training. Whether in the gym, on the ice or with his nutrition, there was nothing that he didn’t do that wasn’t geared towards becoming the very best that he could be. With that commitment and dedication he would quickly climb through the Junior ranks and have great successes at that level before going on to become just as successful at senior level to become one of the best Figure skaters in the country and on the International stage, proving that with faith in God and believe in yourself, Nothing is impossible.
Harry told us that he’d seen how with so many other people in life, when something challenging happens, it can either knock them for six and take them way off course from the original plan for their lives or in some cases end their ambitions for life completely. With Harry it was completely the opposite effect, instead of being defeated and giving in, he’d become more and more determined to succeed at figure skating with every setback he faced.
His message was that when things get difficult don’t look at what everyone else is saying is bound to happen but look at what others think might be impossible and believe that God can and will make that happen. Finally his message to everyone reading his story was this, that just like him “If you are determined to succeed, anyone that tries to stop you, will only make your story more powerful.”
It a great message and we truly believe that if Harry has taken the time to let you know that anyone telling you that you can’t succeed at something has absolutely no power over you or your dreams then there’s absolutely nothing that anyone else can do to stop you from reaching your goals. Thanks Harry and all of us are believing the best for you right through the 2018 season and beyond.