Gareth Brown

Gareth Brown is a Drummer from the UK and regarded in many circles as one of the best Session Drummers around. Gareth has toured and worked with for the likes of Rihanna, Rita Ora Lily Allen, Pixie Lott, Kelly Rowland, Craig David, Jazmine Sullivan, Blue, Mica Paris, Will Young, The Light House Family, Shirley Bassey, Donna Summer, Sister Sledge, Lemar, Anastasia, Lulu, Westlife, Joss Stone and many others. Gareth is currently on a European tour with Italian superstar Lorenzo Jovanotti and is also a member of the Faithettes which is the official band of Paloma Faith.

Growing up as a child Gareth said he always knew he wanted to be a musician. His parents though had other ideas understandably. Making it in the music business is tough, extremely tough, so even though they were very supportive Gareth had to make sure school work came before practice. He took lots of courses as life continued as a back up in case Plan ‘A’ didn’t work out but in Gareth’s mind the ‘back up’ would always be plan Z. Music would always be plan A,B, C and almost every other plan imaginable.
Had Gareth not set out with that attitude I doubt he’d have made it. Locally Gareth was known and respected on the music scene but knew he needed to go to the next level if his dream was to become reality and for that he would have to move to London start at the bottom and claw his way up.
Once in London he went to every jam session every open mic and every audition he knew of. He was determined that everybody and anybody would hear just how good he was and it was that focus, combined with hard work and his talent that got him to where he is today. Gareth was also adamant and wanted you guys to remember that it was also Politeness manners and respect that opened most doors for him without doubt and that this was something he’s learnt from his family which has stuck with him to this day.

Facing so many obstacles and challenges when it would have been easy to give up I asked how much of a part did his faith play in him staying the course and his life in general Gareth had this to say “My belief in God has certainly help me and continues to help me. In new situations where you may not feel so comfortable he comforts. In crazy situations with people who might not want the best for you he protects. Gareth reiterated that he was grateful that God wakes him up every morning and with that, he is daily given new opportunities to do good.

Talking of doing good for others when asked about how he felt about sharing his story with our family at the Fight for the fatherless He had this to say directly to you.
“I hope from My story you can feel passion and self belief. Find your passion your true passion work hard and follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid to be a dreamer you need to have a vision of where it is your going.”

Talking off a clear vision and dreaming Just because Gareth’s now at the very top, that doesn’t stop him still dreaming. Gareth’s next goal is to release his own music. He has a band called ‘Jungle Green’ and they’ve been working hard to produce some awesome music which will hopefully be out this summer, so we’ll make sure as I hope you all will to listen out for that. I know for a fact we’ll all be watching out as well to see which Star Gareth turns up on stage with next.