Denton Wilson

Denton Wilson is the current British Natural Bodybuilding Masters Champion at 63 years of age and was 3rd in the masters at the World Championships in France in 2017. Born in Jamaica, Denton has competed for over 20 years and won numerous contests and titles. He is regarded without question as one of the best Bodybuilding entertainers on the planet and was a Semi finalist on ITV’s Britain’s got talent a few years ago.

We mentioned already that Denton was born in Jamaica what we didn’t mention was that Denton grew up without his Father and actually came to England on his own at the age of just 9. This was after getting himself into quite a lot trouble as a child due to growing up in such a rough neighbourhood and always being a fighter and someone who was never quick to back down. At the time the lady who he thought was his Mother for 9 years suddenly revealed to him that she was actually his Grandmother and that now he would have to go live with his real Mother to have a better life. Because they were so poor his real Mother had left when Denton was a baby to find work as a Nurse in England, hoping to return in a year or two but things never quite worked out as planned.

At the time though when Denton was given the news it completely rocked his world. He felt confused and rejected and felt it was all a lie. As a result Denton ran away for a number of days, with the intention of never coming home before the police eventually found him hiding out and brought him back. He was then forced to go to England alone to live with a lady who he believed was really a stranger but the truth was that he was her son and she did love him.

After being in England all his life Denton finally got the opportunity to go back to Jamaica and meet his Father for the very first time at the age of 42. Unfortunately  his father passed away not long after they met as a result of having cancer . Not long after that Denton himself became very ill with Cancer and Doctors predicted he would suffer the same fate as his Father. Denton refused to accept this and changed his whole lifestyle around completely doing everything he could to become healthier, including taking up Bodybuilding. Denton astounded everybody including the doctors by going on to beat the disease before going even further with his training to achieve some of the most remarkable things in Natural Bodybuilding history.

Denton told us that what gave him the strength was his faith in God and his choice to eat and live a healthy lifestyle. He realised as he got older that the decisions that those around him made when he was younger that he didn’t understand, were actually made because they loved him so much and with that truth he was able to defeat the lie that had left him so hurt as a child.

Denton said he made a promise to God that if he beat Cancer he would dedicate his life to helping others do exactly the same by living a healthy lifestyle. Having grown up without a Father but now a Father himself and recognised as a Father figure to so many others, Denton is delighted to have had the opportunity to share his story to encourage you all and hopes it will inspire many of you to live life to the fullest no matter how dfficult your childhood might be and to reach your full potential.

Denton has a big year ahead of him and he’s desperate to move up from 3rd to win the world title in 2018. Having known Denton a long time and after hearing more of his story we’ve absolutely no doubt he can. What do you guys reckon? Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.