Damien Greaves

Damien Greaves is a sprints and hurdling track and field athlete who represented Great Britain at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Damien was a finalist in the European and World Championships as a junior, and won the AAA title at the end of his first senior year. He also represented Great Britain in Bobsleigh and became the youngest man to compete at both the winter and then Summer World Championships in both disciplines in the same year. In his career he also competed in 3 Commonwealth Games including in 2006 as well as the European Championships. Since having left athletics Damien having had a love for music when he was a child has since taking back up with music as a professional musician and has been blessed to be able to tour the world performing on some of the biggest festival stages with some of the best artists as well as producing music for some of he biggest names as well.

Damien told us he started his career in athletics after going down to the local track to do some basic running to help recover from a footballing injury at around 15 years old. He was spotted by the coaches and within a few weeks was competing. Initially as a triple jumper for English schools. It was at this time that he met a Junior International named Sean Carroll. Sean had asked him his sprint times and when Damien told him them, along with the fact that he didn’t even have spikes, Sean was astounded. He invited Damien to come and train at Crystal palace with some of the very best athletes in the country and from that point onwards he never looked back

When I asked him how his faith in God had helped him through his life he told me that he felt that there was always that voice telling him to do the right thing and certainly when he got older he felt as it was clearly telling him to help others and for him that was God. He realised he had always been helped by others especially his own parents to get where he is now and so in that moment he made the decision to try and do the same for others. Well we’re certainly glad he did as he’s now been given the opportunity to share his story with you all through Fight for the Fatherless and we hope he’ll be able to do so much more to inspire you all in the future.

We’ll hopefully get to tell you more about his current career as a professional musician another time but for now we’d just like to say a big thank you to him from all of us.