Cyril Errington

Cyril Errington is an International footballer born in El Salvador who represents Nicaragua. He plays as a defender and made his debut for the national side against Trinidad and Tobago in 2016. The following year he made his CONCACAF Gold cup debut against Costa Rica in the qualifying stages in 2017 and went on to be part of the team that won the play offs, in an amazing comeback over two legs winning 3 –0 in the 2nd leg and 4 – 3 on aggregate after being 3-1 down from the first game. The win qualified Nicaragua to play in the Gold cup Tournament where they played against the hosts the U.S.A. Domestically Cyril currently plays for Club Always ready in Bolivia, having previously played most of his career in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Cyril told us he was around 10 when he started to take football seriously, although he had been playing since he was a young boy. He grew up without his father and so was brought up by his Mother and as a child, remembers that he often found himself in deep trouble, after regularly deciding that going to play football with his friends seemed like a much better idea than going to school. Unfortunately he was found out on a number of occasions, after the school rang his mother to ask why she was failing him so badly, in her efforts to send him on a regular basis, which of course was news to her.

Cyril grew up in an area where in general economically people struggled and so one of the biggest challenges he faced in becoming a footballer even after he was recognized as a talent by the academies was that his Mother as a single parent could not afford money for Cyril to have football boots or to go training at times. Also because of the poverty in the area many of the young boys his age became involved in Drugs, gangs and crime and other destructive behaviours. Cyril was absolutely certain that at that point as a young boy who could have gone down a really dangerous road that it was his faith in God that rescued him. He said “Because I believed in him and there was a fear that I had for him it made me not act badly, I had many temptations to become a gang member, to get into trouble, but I always thought that it was not right because God wasn’t going to like it, I always asked God for wisdom and to this day I have been given much more than that.”

Cyril said when it came to football He was always quite talented. It was something others saw in him immediately but not only did they see his talent they were right behind him in encouraging him to take things to another level. The only problem was, was that as a young boy he never really quite had the believe in himself. Even when his friends told him how good he was he refused to believe them for a long time and just couldn’t see things the way others did. Eventually though they persuaded him to try out for the local academy, which was a really big thing an in the end their faith in him proved to be 100% accurate. Cyril gave his trial his all and after putting his talent on display he left the rest up to the coaches. Remarkably by the end of his trial out of 35 of the best players in the area when only 8 players were selected, Cyril was one of them and the start of his dream effectively started to become a reality.

As mentioned Cyril had overcome numerous obstacles throughout his childhood and his determination not to use his circumstances as an excuse to fail and instead fight for his dream and stay on the right path saw him go from thC academy to his first club at 12 years old called NEJAPA FC, from there he eventually went on to his first professional club at age 16 and then made his professional debut at the age of 18 playing for Alianz FC in El Salvador before moving to Nicaragua to play where he was eventually selected to represent the National team.

Cyril was delighted to share his story and play a part in supporting you guys and letting you know how valuable and unique you are and the one message he said he would like to leave you with was this.” I would like you to learn to fight for your dreams, that despite the adversities, they are never alone with God, although in life you will see relatively easy paths and many temptations you should always do the right thing.” He was adamant that you should never give up faith and always be brave no matter what the circumstances you face.

Cyril will now be hoping for successful season with his new club and looking to have further success with the Nicaraguan team where they will be hoping to qualify for more major tournaments over the next few years.