Chanelle Price

Chanelle Price is a middle-distance runner who represents the U.S.A and specializes in the 800 meters. In 2014 She won Gold at the World Indoor Championships. The following year she was again victorious, winning a Gold medal at the The North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships. As part of the United States 800m relay team, Chanelle has also enjoyed major success throughout her careeer, winning Gold at the World Relay Championships in 2014, 2015 and winning yet again in 2017.

As a Junior, Chanelle competed at the 2007 World Youth Championships and was a medalist at the 2009 Pan Americans and also a medalist at the 2012 Under-23 Championships. Memorably In 2008, she ran the 2nd fastest 800m time ever for an American high school girl, which led to her winning the prestigious Gatorade award shortly after

Chanelle told us her story and when you first hear about her upbringing, you assume she had it all and the perfect life. Chanelle herself admitted that in terms of possessions and talent she did. She grew up in an amazing house with all the material things she ever needed and then right through school she was gifted in all sports especially track and so when you added all that together, you ended up with the girl that simply everyone wanted to be around .

Her parents had always encouraged both her and her brother to exercise the traits that they valued as a family of hard work, discipline and sacrifice, through the gift of sports. Chanelle managed this through almost every one you could think of but it was running track, that although not her favourite, was the one that so many recognised she was particularly gifted at, especially her male competitors who were being run into the ground by Chanelle at every opportunity. By the age of 17 Chanelle had won the highly respected Gatorade award for the best athlete across all sports
That’s when the pressure began to take over. As a young girl Chanelle heaped expectations on herself that were unrealistic. As far as she was concerned she was now unbeatable and so when defeats and setbacks came, the weight on her shoulders was just too much to bear. Chanelle admits after building her whole identity on being the best track athlete, she just couldn’t cope with not running well, to the point were when things didn’t go her way, she literally had the darkest thoughts about how life was no longer worth living, despite the continued support of her family and her Coach, Mr Clark.

It was at this darkest point in a room on her own, that Chanelle, after one particularly painful defeat, made a decision that she said changed her life. After having been brought up not really knowing anything about God or ever feeling he had anything to offer her. She said she just felt a little voice inside her say “If you Chase after God like you chase after track life will be different.” Even though she didn’t recognise that little voice or really understand, she knew she wanted life to change, she had come to the point where the things she was running for were making her so miserable that she felt she had nothing to lose. Her faith grew as she learnt more about God and Jesus and how she could represent him through her running and her gift. The crazy thing is that with her new found faith everything seemed to get better and importantly she started winning races again but on the flip side of that things didn’t always go as smoothly as she’d expected. Suddenly there were injuries and other setbacks and Initially Chanelle questioned how things could possibly go wrong for her if she had put all her trust in God. She soon came to realise though, that it didn’t matter what happened, although life wasn’t going to be perfect she was still able to be happy just knowing she had faith in God and that no matter what, he had a great plan for her life and she could trust him. She realised that the old Chanelle had gone and a new Chanelle that still loved running but for the right reasons had taken her place.

Chanelle finished her story by saying she wanted you guys to understand that comparing your success to that of others will never make you happy. She said “My biggest advice to you all is to avoid the comparison trap. Everyone’s journey is different. God has an individual plan for all of us. It’s important to fall in love with your own journey and not compare yourself to anyone else. For me personally I believe that if you fall in love with God, you fall in love with yourself and fall in love with life.”

Throughout her career the issues she’s told us about through her story had hindered Chanelle’s Olympic dreams at critical times but now she is clearly back on track to make those dreams become a reality. Chanelle said her next target is to not only compete at the 2019 and 2021 World championships as well as the 2020 Olympic games but her goal is to win, more importantly though, her goal is to continue to have joy in running and to always remain grateful for the opportunities God has given her.