Aubrey David

Aubrey David is an international footballer who represents Trinidad and Tobago. Born in Guyana He has also represented his country of birth in international matches in the past. Aubrey helped lead Trinidad and Tobago to the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2007 then went on to play in the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2009. He made his debut for the Senior National team in 2012 against Antigua but made his full playing debut scoring in a 3-0 victory over Surinam not long after. Since that time he has now represented the senior team in 2 Carribbean cups where the team have finished as runners up on both occasions he has played in two CONCACAF Gold Cups and most recently played in the World cup qualifiers for Russia 2018 that took place in 2016 and 2017. Domestically Aubrey is currently playing for VPS in Finland’s Premier league.

Aubrey told us he began life as a runner and was not in anyway shape or form a footballer. He was simply a bundle of energy who’s batteries never ever seemed to run flat, to the point where every day he would wear out his friends with his appetite to keep going, no matter what they were doing. At school it was the same story and when it came to sports day, he would run and dominate every middle to long distance race, to the point where one of his mum’s friends pointed out that he was just like one of those amazing Kenyans and the Nickname ‘The Kenyan’ was quickly adopted by everyone who knew him.

So involved in athletics for the longest time, Aubrey with his boundless energy felt he needed a new challenge and so chose football. There was only one problem, he wasn’t that good and as result spent most of his early career as the water- boy. What he did have going for him though, was his work ethic and his faith. Both of which had been instilled in him by his Mother and Father who both worked hard and encouraged Aubrey to always be enterprising, even to the point where playing even at school always came after Aubrey had sold out of any stock, in relation to his little school market enterprise that he ran each day. Aubrey always remembers being taught through his faith, that With God nothing was impossible and that he could trust in a God that loved him, to guide him on the right path, as long as he acknowledged him in everything. With that foundation, he quickly realised there would be nothing he couldn’t do, including becoming a great Footballer and so he simply began to work as hard as possible.

He did progress to the level where he was made captain of the local club but needed everything in terms of his faith in God and himself to make it to where he is now, when after his dad came to watch him for the first time and witnessed his son captain the side to a 9 –0 victory, he decided that from what he saw, Aubrey was wasting his time dreaming of being a Professional footballer and he told his mother and Aubrey just that. Understandably Aubrey was hurt and disappointed but told his father that he was wrong and that one day he would be watching him play on Tv. From that point on, Aubrey who already was probably the hardest working player you would ever meet, became super motivated. He put in extra time and effort into every aspect of improving as a footballer at every level he reached and clawed his way through the ranks, trusting that God would reward his hard work and be with him every step of the way as he went on to achieve everything he now has at International level.

One of Aubrey’s memories that he will carry for the rest of his life, is the day his father reminded family and friends of the promise Aubrey had made to play on TV and as a proud father, shed tears in knowing how far his son had come. As a result Aubrey said he wanted you guys to know this and so he said “In this life nothing is really given and you’re going to have to work for what you truly believe in. For me it took discipline hard work and my faith in God. You can either go the negative way or be positive and even the negative route often seems easier. Especially when others doubt you but prove them wrong and remain as positive as you can.”

Thanks Aubrey.