Allison (Reaser) Halverson

Allison (Reaser) Halverson is a Heptathlete who competes for the U.S.A . She is currently ranked as the No 2 Heptathlete in the U.S after a remarkable run of form over the last few years and recently competed at the Gotzis Hypo meeting, which is one of the most prestigious events outside of the Olympics, bringing together the best 20 – 30 athletes in the world. She first competed in the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials after she had become the USA Junior Track and Field Champion in Heptathlon the previous year in 2011. That year she also competed in the Pan American Junior Athletics Championships. Allison is also a three-time Outdoor All-American Athlete.

Allison told us she’d always been involved in various sports from an early age, including soccer and was always the fastest throughout school including the boys. She said that sports and athleticism was a gift that most of the family had, including her older brother and sister but particularly her twin sister who previously ran track for San Diego state. Allison’s dad who used to be a High level athlete as well, would often enjoy going running with them as a family and was often amazed at how good they all were, especially Allison.

Her first real signs of promise though were shown at around the age of 7. She particularly remembers winning her first competitive race at a thanksgiving run and winning a frozen turkey, which was so big she had to sit at the front of the bus on the way home and be helped with it by her twin sister. It wasn’t long before she was competing with her dad in open races and had competed in over a 100 5K events, where Allison would regularly win her age group category. Throughout High school and College, Allison continued to dominate In track and break various records and towards the end of her college career, was already competing at the Semi professional level which included competing in the Olympic trials against a number of full time professional athletes.

Allison admitted that initially in her career, because of her talent, defeats were few and far between, but even so, her competitive nature meant that she found them very difficult to handle when they did come. Allison had developed a reputation and an identity upon being a winner and so being expected to win every time, meant her confidence began to be found within her victories. Admittedly having a somewhat shy nature meant that she sometimes found it difficult when people would watch her for the right reasons because she was winning, which meant she found it really hard and embarrassing, when people would be watching her when things were going wrong.

As Allison moved up a level through her late teens, she came up against more and more talented athletes. It was inevitable that she couldn’t always have good days and with that, she faced her first series of defeats. The breaking point came when one of the girls on her team became one of her greatest competitors and their competition against each other culminated in one day, her breaking one of Allison’s records that Alison had worked so hard to achieve. Not only did she break it but it seemed that she had done it without even trying.

Allison remembers going back to her hotel that day with another day of competition to come and feeling like her world had fallen in. Maybe she wasn’t as good as she thought and maybe there wasn’t really a plan for her life after all? After spending a lot of time though asking God questions and reading one of her favourite verses in the Bible, where it said that God had great plans for everyone, she realised that whatever happened in the future, from that point on winning or losing races would never define who she was as a person. She also decided that she would start to enjoy running again and more importantly her life. With the pressure suddenly lifted, she won the race the very next day and went on to have a great year, culminating in her resetting the record she’d lost, to such an extent, that it remains unbroken to this day.

Allison agreed that her faith had always been important and said “Even as a child, I’d always known I wasn’t alone at any time but especially in races. I always had peace and realised that if I gave my all, then God would take care of the rest” When we asked Allison what her final advice would be to you guy’s, she simply said “I want you to keep going no matter what, whether you run track like me or not, you’ll always face hurdles in life, but just know and focus on the direction that you’re going in. I believe if you do your best then God will do the rest so know your goals and believe.”

Allison is currently building up to the World Championships in Doha in 2019 and then she’ll be aiming to make the U.S.A team for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. We’ll certainly be hoping for the best for her and we’re sure that the way things are now going, that the very best of her journey is still yet to come.