Abigail Irozuru

Abigail Irozuru is a current British track and field athlete who specialises in the Long Jump. After establishing herself as an elite junior athlete winning Silver at both the English and British Schools Championships, she moved to London where she trained and went on to achieve National Indoor Long Jump Silver and Gold in her first senior international in Bratislava in 2012. In another International in Bulgaria, Abigail then jumped 6.80m, setting a new personal best and meeting the Olympic A Qualifying distance. Eventually Abigail went on to compete at the 2012 European Athletics Championships in Helsinki, Finland, before going onto win the British Championships in 2015 after coming back from major surgeries.

Abigail was spotted by her first coach in 2005 and such was her talent and attitude that she was invited to train at sports city Manchester. She quickly rose through the ranks doing well at Junior level before making the transition to senior level where she continued to work hard and improve.
Unfortunately things haven’t always gone as smoothly as she would have liked and She told us that throughout her career she has suffered various setbacks through injury and already undergone 3 major surgeries. One major injury is often enough to end the careers of most athletes, so to come back from 3 and still be competing at the highest International level is nothing short of incredible.

Abigail was quick to credit a man called John Crotty who she said  gave her just what she needed and was there at one of the most difficult stages in her career. It came after her 1st surgery when suddenly after such a major injury doubts are often able to creep into the ,mind of any athlete and Abigail was no different. It was John who would be the one to push her to keep going and just not allow her to even think about quitting no matter how hard it got. It was through his being there for Abigail and his consistent encouragement and guidance that she was able to turn around any negative thinking into a positive. .

Abigail said throughout her battles with injuries her faith in God has always been critical to her having the attitude that allowed her to believe she would eventually comeback stronger. Injury is something every professional athlete will face at some point in their career. Whether it defeats them and takes them out completely is not always down to how severe the injury is but down to the belief of the athlete and faith that they can come back  better than they were before. Abigail is living proof of that. She told us ” After I made my comeback it was my faith that helped me to put the fear of re – injury out of her mind and it was that that has always allowed  me to keep smiling, no matter how challenging my circumstances have been, knowing that God was in control of my life and had a great plan for me no matter what, meant that I always knew things would work out.”

Abigail already goes into schools to mentor children, she someone that the children can look up to and find that belief in themselves that they too can do the impossible and dream as big as she does. Abigail said she finds that to be one of the most rewarding things about being an Athlete and so she see’s the opportunity to share with you guys through the Fight for the Fatherless as another chance to encourage others and let you know that if you persevere and work hard, whatever your situation at the present time, thats not the end of your story and with faith in yourself and God it will always have an incredible ending.

Abigail too has a great future ahead of her, she believes that she’s only just getting started when it comes to fulfilling her own God given potential and although she’s not yet revealing her plans in athletics, not even to us just yet, given her history you can be sure that whatever she decides on she’ll give her target 100% and nothing less. We’re looking forward to following her journey and even being a part of that over the coming years and can’t wait to see what she’s going to achieve.

Thanks Abigail.